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posted Mar 15, 2019, 2:25 PM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s),
   Wow I can't believe how fast this past week flew by!  Hopefully, your week went well.  This coming week should be pretty normal.  Parents please remember to sign the math attacks, too many cam in this week not signed.  Remember at the end of the quarter that counts as one test grade.  Also, remember that A.R. is worth 10% of your child's reading grade, so keep on them to read nightly, and take tests on a regular bases.  The following are some of the things we will be covering this week.  

Spelling:  This weeks words follow the vowel sound that you hear in book, and boy.  The words this week are:  good, took, cookie, put, enjoy, point, voice, shook, foot, pull, toys, royal, noise, oil.

Math:  This week we will be working on multiplying by 4's, 6's, and possibly 7's if time all allows.  The children are encouraged to review the flashcards they are making nightly.

Reading:  The children will be taking a test over the story, Tops and Bottoms at the beginning of the week.  They were asked to take their reader home this weekend to review the story.  This test covers quotations, idioms and homophones.  The next story that we will be covering after that is a legend called Yonder Mountain.  This story is a Cherokee legend that goes along with an informational test that talks about the Trail of Tears.  These stories are to teach the children about global awareness, and to show how our Indians were treated.  The vocabulary words for this story are: fondly, mist, peak, rugged, pausing, steep, examined, pleaded. Some of the skills that go with this unit are the contractions n't, 'd, and 've. , and subject- verb agreement.

Science:  This week will be learning how matter moves, and how can change its shape.  

English:  This week we will be preparing for our English test that we will take on Friday over Unit 6.  The children will be bringing their books home next week so you can also help them to prepare for the tests.  

I hope you have a great weekend!