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posted Apr 5, 2019, 8:49 AM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s), 
    Can't believe we are just a few weeks away from Easter!  Hopefully, the weather will continue to keep getting sunnier and warmer.  Parents please make sure that you are signing the math attacks nightly.  I have had several students coming in with their math attacks or not having them signed.  The boys will be participating in our school mass this coming Wednesday.  If you can make it, we would love to see you!  The boys have been asked to bring can goods for our St. Vincent DePaul food bank. Parents, I'm asking for your help lately we have had a problem with children not only being disrespectful to me and thier classmated, but to other teachers in the building as well.  The rolling of the eyes and laughing has to be stopped!! They have been warned that moving forward if this type of behavior continues it could result in a missed field day.  Please talk to your child.  I know you wouldn't accepted it in your homes, nor will we tolerate it in our school.  Thanks again in advance for your support. The following are the topics we will be covering this coming week:

Religion:  This week we will finish up our project of The Stations of the Cross puppet show to show our preschoolers by the end of the week.  Every Friday the third graders have been attending the Stations of the Cross as well.  If you are free, come up and join us.  Stations begin at 2:05.

Math:  This week will be working with the use of the associative property to multiply. We will multiply by 10 and doing some review this week. We will be taking a test over chapter 5 this week on Wednesday. Continue to have your child review their flashcards nightly.

Reading:  We have just started a story called "Aero and Mike.  A story about the partnership of a police officer and his dog.  This weeks skills are pronoun-verb agreement,prefixes in, and im.  

Spelling: This weeks words follow the putting letters in the correct order pattern.  I may have written this words last week by mistake on this website.  The words are : friends, night, thought, does, again, people, said, believe, tried, died, eight, tired, Friday, Saturday.

English: The children are working on letter writing and how to address an envelope.

Science: We are skill working on the properties of matter.  We have had so many interruptions this has had to be skipped last week. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!