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posted Aug 16, 2019, 7:17 AM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s),
   One week under our belt and I can tell that I'm the blessed teacher this year to have such a great group of kiddos!!! This coming Wednesday is our Curriculum Night.  It begins at 6:30 in the school chapel.  After Dr. Gilligan speaks with you we will have three- 10 minute break out sessions where you will be given information about this upcoming school year in your students homeroom.  Hope to see you all Wednesday night.  Below are the following topics we will be covering this coming week:

Spelling:  The children have written their new spelling words in their planners. The spelling test will be on Friday, with a practice test on Thursday to be assured they are ready.  The words are : land, stick, plan, trip, stand, act, thing, last, lift, band, grand, swim, list, sand.

Math: This week we will be working on how to set up, and how to read and number line.  We will also be comparing and ordering numbers.

Reading:  We will be starting our reader this week.  Our first story is called, A Fine, Fine  School.  The vocabulary words that go along with this story are: principal, soared, strolled, worried, proud, announced, fine and certainly.  The skills for this story are words with the short vowel sound, simple subject and simple predicates, and words that follow the vowel pattern of vccv, example the word basket. 

Religion 3:  Our first chapter in called, God sends us his own Son.  In third grade they will be taking test, but they will be open book (not use of a friend) test.  This will teach the children how to use their book as a resource.  The vocabulary words that go along with this chapter are:Prophet, Repent, Public Ministry,Apostle, Blessed Trinity, Incarnation, and Disciple.  I have have the children high light important things that they will need to remember in this chapter.  That will help them to locate information easier.

Science:  This week we will be talking about plant growth and the parts of a plant.  The children at the end of the unit will be planting a seed that they will be able to bring home.  This chapter last about two weeks. 

Religion 2: The first chapter in our book is called, Jesus is the Son of God.  In this chapter the vocabulary words that are used are: Holy Family,faith, divine, and  Blessed Trinity,

English: This week will be covering the different types of sentences: Statements,  Questions, Command and Exclamations.  We will also be talking about what the subject of a sentence is and hopefully what the predicate of a sentence. 

Have a wonderful weekend!