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posted Aug 23, 2019, 3:02 PM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s),
      It was so nice to meet many of you this past Wednesday at our Curriculum Night, if you were not able to attend, your child should have given you a pack of papers to look over.  This week the children have brought home their first Friday Folder for third grade.  Please check over the materials and keep them at home.  You only need to return the papers if it is stamped that it needs to be returned. This coming Friday is a our PLT's.  The children will be getting off at noon. If they are attending aftercare, they will need to bring a lunch and drink from home. Below are the topics we will be covering this week.

Religion 2: This week we will be completing our first chapter.  The children will be having an open book test on Friday.  As stated in the curriculum night note, all tests will be open book so that they will learn to use their books as a reference. I will have them bring their books home on Wednesday night so you can review the material that has been covered in the chapter.

Religion 3:  The week we will be completing our first chapter.  The children will be taking their test on Thursday.  I will have them bring their book home to so they can review the material that is in this chapter.  As stated  in my letter, all test will be open book, so that they can learn to use their books as a reference.

Reading:  Starting Monday the children will begin to take their test over the story, A Fine, Fine School.  I always like to break the test up into two smaller sections. Monday the tests will be over the Vocabulary/ Comprehension part of the test, and Tuesday the parts will be the phonics/ grammar part of the test.  On Wednesday we will begin a new story called, Cardigan Jones.  The new vocabulary words for this story are: trial, jury, stand, guilty, honest, convinced, pointed, and murmur. The skills that are taught in this story are: Words with long vowel sounds, statement, questions, commands, and exclamations. ( Which is exactly what we have been covering in our English chapter.)

English:  This week we will be working more with locating the Predicate of a Sentence, and Correcting Run On Sentences.  Late next week, we will be taking our first English test.  I will keep you posted on that date as we get closer.  

Math: This week we will be learning how to round numbers to the nearest tens and hundreds. 

Science:  We are learning about the parts of a plant and why it is important for the plant.

Have a wonderful weekend!