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posted Sep 1, 2019, 9:28 AM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s),
    Hopefully everyone is having a relaxing and fun-filled holiday.  Please remember to celebrate YOU and all the hard work you do!!!!  What we will be covering is listed below.  The week we will begin math attack.  Please remember to time your child for no longer than five minutes and also don't forget to sign the paper.

Religion 2:  The second graders will be taking their Open Book test on Tuesday.  We will be moving into the area of Reconciliation after that and learning about God's Love for us.  The children will also learn about the two parts of the bible: Old and New Testaments.

Religion 3: This week we will be learning about how Jesus loves us and how Jesus teaches about the Kingdom of God, and about Faith.

Math: We will be doing more work with rounding to the nearest tens and hundreds place.

English :  We are at the end of our first chapter.  The children this week will be doing a lot of reviewing for their tests next Tuesday.  I will also encourage them to bring home their books as well so you can also help them to prepare.

Science:  This week will be learning about how important the flowers and cones are to a plant.  We will also be discussing how pollen is scattered from one place to another.  My hopes is that we will get to plant our own seeds on Friday.

Reading: This week with our story, The Trail of Cardigan Jones, the children will be working with words that have the long vowel sounds, reviewing the four types of sentences, ( which will also help them with their review for their English test), and we will be working with words that follow the vce pattern.

Spelling:  Congratulations to all of our third graders!!! Everyone received a 100% or greater on their  spelling test this week.  Which week I will give random bonus words to see how well the children are using their phonic skills to figure out unfamiliar words.  This week the spelling words this week follow the short u sound.  The word are:  lunch, until, cover, buzz, become, stuff, nothing, dull, month, study, love, uncle, cuff, none, under.

Have a great weekend and Go Cardinals!!!!