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posted Sep 6, 2019, 2:24 PM by Cindy Driskill
Hello Parent,
    This week coming home in their Friday Folders are Fall Picture Day order form.  The third graders will have their pictures taken on Tuesday.  Each child was given an order form. Please have the envelope filled out so that Mrs. Huff will know what package you are interested in.  If you have multiple children and choose to write only one check, please indicate which child's envelope has the check in it please.  This coming Friday in a noon dismissal. If your child will be attending the aftercare program that day they will need to have a lunch and drink with them.  
   Below are the topics we will be covering this coming week. 

Religion 3-  This week will hearing how Jesus teaches us about what Faith is in our lives, and how through his death and resurrection we are able to become closer to him.

Religion 2- This week we are learning about the parts of the bible.  We hear how Jesus want us to listen to his teachings and apply this into our own daily lives to live more like him.

Math:  This week we will be finishing up chapter one.  We will take our first math test on Tuesday of this week.  I will send the book home Monday as well so you can review rounding numbers by 10's and 100's.

English: We are also preparing for our first English test this coming week as well.  The test will either be Wednesday or Thursday.  Please check their planners.  The children should have been bring their books home to review already.

Spelling:  This week Chapter Four words follow the pattern of ou, oi words.  The words this week are: proud, boil, loud, house, join, cloud, sound, voice, oil, round, point, south, found, soil, ground. We will still have our test on Friday even though the children get off at noon.

Reading:  We are finishing up our story about The Trail of Cardigan Jones.  Monday and Tuesday we will be taking the test over the story and the skills taught in that story.  Wednesday we will begin the story Destiny's Gift.  the vocabulary words for this story are: block, spreading, raise, figure, contacted, customers, afford, earn.  The skill that go along with this story are words that follow the ai, ay, ee, ea pattern.  With Iowa Assessments the following week we will just get started and complete this after the testing week.

The week of testing, I will not be giving any homework.  The only thing I ask however is to keep having your child read each evening, get a look breakfast each morning, and get plenty of sleep the night before. Remember too parent that your child does have a project due at the end of the month, this would be a great time to work on that project!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!