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posted Sep 17, 2019, 9:04 AM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s),
   The following are the topics we will be covering after testing week is over.  You would be very proud of how hard the children are working this week on their Standardize Test.  Please remember that the book reports are due on September 30th.

Religion 2: The children will have their second open book test on Tuesday, September 24th. I will have them bring their books home so that you can review with them.  The next chapter we will be moving into is God gives us Laws.  He will be talking about the Ten Commandments. 

Religion: We are completing our second chapter and will be having an open book test on Thursday, September 26th. I will have the children bring their books home after we complete the review page on Tuesday.  

Math: This week will be learn to use addition to find patterns, and how to estimate sums to the nearest 10's and 100's.

English:  We are beginning our new chapter 3.  Chapter 3  this week will cover What is a Noun, The difference between a proper and common noun, and how to find the noun inside the subject.

Reading:  Our new story is called Destiny's Gift.  We began this story last wee.  The lessons that go along with this story are words that follow the ai, ay, ee, and ea patterns.  We will also be learning about what a simple and a compound sentences. If time we will also be covering what an antonyms are.

Spelling:  The children have the new words already in their planners.  The words are the abstract vowel sound words with the pattern of we, oo sound.  The words are crew, loose, news, school, drew, knew, smooth, pool, shoot, threw, root, fool chew, balloon, choose.

Have a great week!  During this testing week have the children work on making their A.R. goals and be working on their book reports.