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posted Sep 27, 2019, 2:08 PM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parents,
   hope your week went well!  This has been a very quick week.  Just a few things that you need to remember for this coming week.  The children's book reports are due this coming Monday.  The one's that have come in are wonderful!  Can't wait to hear the children present their book reports starting Monday!  Friday this coming week the children are off.  The teachers are on a faculty retreat at the Rigali Center.  That being said, the children spelling test will be on Monday of the following week.  
Below are the topics we will be covering this coming week:

Religion 2:  The children's test were sent home in their Friday Folders. Chapter 9 will be our next chapter that we are covering.  This chapter covers the Great Commandment, that being the Ten Commandments. These are ten special laws that God gave his people to help them live a better life.

Religion 3: The children's test are in their Friday Folders.  This week will be covering the Second Coming. We will learn what we must do to be share that we are in good standings with God for that glorious day.

Math:  This week will be using what we learned about rounding by 10's and 100's to do addition problems. This section can be a little tricky if we don't read carefully, and slow ourselves down.  Please encourage your child to pay close attention.

English: This week we will be using Nouns to show how to make the nouns Singular and Plural. We will learn when to use s, or es when making the noun plural.

Spelling: This week's words are from a Assess for Transfer unit.  This only means it follows rules that we have used in the past.  The following words that the children will be tested on are: fund, stout, groom, damp, troop, son, hound, track, ton, coop, bent, shock, toil, lend, trim. Again, due to the fact that the children are not in session on Friday the test will be given the following Monday.

Science:  We will begin to learn about the bones in the body.  Always a fun activity for our children.  Please be prepared to listen to them sing a song to you in this section.  

Reading: We are completing our story this week about Destiny's Gift.  I will have the children bring their books home on Tuesday to read the story to you.  They will begin testing on the story Wednesday and Thursday.  This week the children learned what a conjunction is and how it is used in a compound sentence.  This week will be reviewing what a run on sentence  and antonyms.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!