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posted Oct 5, 2019, 10:34 AM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s),
    This coming Friday is a noon dismissal, if your child will be attending aftercare they will need to bring a lunch and drink.  The children did an outstanding job on their Cereal Box Book Reports.  I have them displayed in the hallway so all the children walking by can see how wonderfully they did! The following are the topics we will be covering this week:

Religion 2:  Monday night at 7:00 we have our first Reconciliation Meeting.  All parents whose children are Catholics needs to have one parent present.  This week we will continue discussing the Great Commandment; and the Ten Commandments. We will be talking about how important it is to Love God and Ourselves.

Religion 3: This week our third graders will be leading us in prayer on Wednesday.  If you can make it we would love for you to be there. This week we will also be covering the topic of the Second Coming; and how Jesus will come to judge all people.

English:  This week will be working more with plural nouns, special nouns, and singular possessive nouns.

Spelling:  Due to the fact that the children were not in session on Friday; the children will be having their spelling test on Monday.  This coming words I already had them put into their planners.  These words follow the consonant final e pattern.  The words are: state, close, slide, face, globe, pave, size, smoke, flame, broke, prize, skate, smile, plane, stone.  Even though the children get off at noon; we will have plenty of time to get the spelling test in before dismissal.

Reading:  The children will be completing the second part of their reading test on Monday.  The new story they will be beginning is Pop's Bridge.  This story is a historical fiction based on the building of the Golden Gate Bridge.  The skills in the story are words that follow the common vowel pairs of ai, ay, ee, and ea.  The target vocabulary words are: crew, tide, cling, balancing, foggy, disappears, stretch, excitement. Some skills we will be covering for the next two weeks are: common and proper nouns, Capitalizing Nouns, Identifying nouns and subjects. ( We have also been doing that in English as well, such a wonderful way to review that skill). 

Math: We will begin the week by reviewing rounding numbers the the nearest 10's 100's and front end estimations.  The children will learn how to add by using adding partial sums.

Have a wonderful weekend and Go Cards!!!