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posted Oct 18, 2019, 2:56 PM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s),
    Can't believe how fast this week flew by, and that the first quarter is officially behind us now!  Today the children set their goals for the upcoming quarter in A. R..  As we mentioned at the Back to School Night, I allowed them to set their goals assuming it was greater than the quarter before, and that it was close to what they reached in the first quarter.  We always want to keep challenging them to push themselves to become better readers. Below are the topics we will be covering this coming week:

Religion 2:  We will be going over to the chapel this week to see what the confessional looks like.  We will be discussing how God loves us so much, but will still give us a free choice.  The children have been saying the Act of Contrition in class as well as with me when I come in for religion. Please have them say that at home as well when, so they feel at ease when Reconciliation Day happens.  

Religion 3: We will be working on our chapter review on Monday and will take their books home on Monday to be prepared to take their Open Book test over chapter 3 on Tuesday. Chapter four is about the beginning of the church.

Spelling: Chapter nine's spelling words follow the Long E pattern using ee, ea.  The words this week are: sheep, dream, street, east, treat, ,mean, wheels, peace, real, cheese, ;eave, stream, sweet, teacher, heat.

Reading:  We will be taking the second part of our reading test on Monday.  The second part consists of the grammar and phonics part of our test.  We will begin a new story this week called, Roberto Clemente.   This story is a Biography of a very famous baseball player.  The vocabulary words that are used in this story are: pronounced, fans, stands, league, score, polish, style, slammed.  Some of the skills that are taught in this story is literal and non literal, long i spelled ie, igh. They will also be doing more work with cause and effect.

Science:  This week the children will begin to cut out pieces that will make their skeletons.  They have been working very hard to learn some of the bones of the body.

English: We are approaching the end of Chapter 2 and will have a test sometime the following week.  This week we will be using exact nouns when we write, and devoting the rest of the week to prepare of our test.  I'm thinking at the point the test will be Tuesday, October 29.

Have a great weekend!!!