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posted Oct 30, 2019, 4:46 PM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s),
    It was wonderful to meet with all of you during our Parent/ Teacher Conferences. Hopefully, everything that was address with be for the benefit of your child.  They are a true blessing to me as they are to you!  A special thank you Mrs. Kleinmann, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Hemp, Mrs. Cavlovich, Mr. Blue, Mr. Medina, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Ross, and Mrs. Bare who came to make our Halloween Party such a huge success.  The children had a wonderful time!!!!  Below are the topics we will be covering this coming week.

Math: This week we will be working with estimating to the nearest ten, hundreds, and using front end estimation using subtraction.

Spelling: The children have had the spelling words in their planners since last week.  These words are the words that follow the long i sound.  The test will be on Friday.

English: We will continue to prepare for the English test covering Nouns.  The test is scheduled for Wednesday this week.  I will continue to have them bring their books home on prior to the test, so that you too can prepare them as well.

Science:  The children will began to learn about the solar system.  This week will we will be learning about the moon phases.

Reading:  We will begin this week coming week working on idioms.  The children be doing an activity were they will show the literal and non literal meaning of a phrase through pictures.  We will also be doing some work with commas in a series.  The children will begin testing on the story of Roberto Clemente on Friday of this coming week.

Religion 2:  We will continue to review the Act of Contrition.  We will also go into the church to practice for the sacrament.  Although the sacrament will happen at a different site, they will at least get the feeling of what they will need to do.  

Religion 3: We will continue our chapter of the early church.  Some important words that the children have learned in the chapter have been: Christians, Pentecost, Mission, Ascension, and Church.  They will be taking an Open Book test over chapter four on Friday of this coming week.

Have a wonderful long weekend!