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posted Nov 10, 2017, 2:17 PM by Cindy Driskill
 Week of November 13-17

Dear Parent(s),
Hard to believe we are a week away from Thanksgiving already.  This coming week is a full week of school!  Nice to be able to have a normal week before all the craziness of the upcoming holidays.  Parents it is important that your child continue to read each evening for at least 20 minutes, and it would be nice for them to continue reviewing their math facts.  Their are many games on line that you can excess to help with this as well. (AA math, or Greg Tung Math)  

The following topics or activities we will be covering this week in our classes.  Have a wonderful week.

Religion: We will be completing our discussion about the Church Seasons, and what symbols we use to represent that season.  We will discuss in detail the importance of the season Ordinary Time, and why it isn't so ordinary.

English:  We are coming very close to the end of unit 3, and will either take the test Friday or the beginning of next week.  We are covering more irregular verbs,contractions with the word not.  We will begin reviewing for our test as well.  The children were encouraged to bring their books home on Thursday to start reviewing over the material as well.

Spelling: We will be taking our spelling test over unit 11 words on Monday.  Unit 12 words this week demonstrate the transfer of spelling patterns we used from lessons 7-11. 

Math: This week we will be covering how to identify a missing digit in an addition problem, multiplying by 1 and 10 identifying factors and products. We will also be doing additional work using the thermometer identifying the freezing and boiling point of water. We will also review using comparison symbols of >,< and =.

Reading: This week we will be starting our new story, Roberto Clemente.  The genre of this story is that of a biography. The vocabulary words that go along with this story are: stands, fans, score, league, slammed, polish, style, and pronounced.  The skills that go along with this story are words with the long i sound spelled i, ie, and igh.  We will also be learning what literal and non literal phrases might look like.  The children can relate to Amelia Bedelia and how she took everything so literally.

Science: We will begin learning about the properties of matter. What is matter first??, and the properties that make up matter.

It's that time again for another book report project.  Inside your child's homework folder is the guidelines for this project.  this project will be due December 8, 2017.

Have a great weekend!