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posted Dec 6, 2019, 1:08 PM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s),
    Welcome to our second week of Advent.  A week that means preparing.  As we prepare for the coming of Christ and all that comes with the coming of Christmas, what a wonderful way to prepare for Christmas then coming  and listening to our children sing on Thursday night.  Please have your children come dressed nicely (no hats or items on their heads that would block other  parents from seeing their own children performing) and send them to the classrooms without coats by 6:15.  The production begins at 6:30. This coming week all students who are Catholic will have the opportunity to receive Reconciliation on Tuesday.  Yet, another way to prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus at Christmas.
    The following are the topics we will be covering this coming week:

Religion 2: We will be discussing the importance of the Holy Spirit, and how the Holy Spirit helps to make our church grow.

Religion 3 We have mass this coming Wednesday.  We will love to join us if you are able.  We will be preparing at church Monday and Tuesday.  On Thursday and Friday we will be focusing on advent and the importance of us preparing our hearts. 

Math:  This week will we be having our Chapter 3 test on Tuesday or Wednesday.  We are completing our review on Monday.  The children have been encouraged to take their books home to review all the topics covered in Chapter 3.  We will be moving on to representing multiplication as repeated addition problems and how to represent multiplication as an array.

Spelling: Unit 14 words follow the consonant soft g, c sound.  The words are: change, fence, space, age, center, large, since, price, page, ice, dance, pencil, slice, place, city.

English: We are getting to the end of Unit 3 in English.  We will preparing for a test at the beginning of next week.  This week other than reviewing, we will be covering contractions that use the not, and using exact verbs when writing.

Reading: This week we will be reviewing our verbs in the past, present and future.  We will also be reviewing antonyms and synonyms.  As well as our three letter clusters str, scr, and thr.  We will take the first part of the story What Illustrators Do? on Friday.  This will covering the comprehension and vocabulary part of this test. 

Science: This week will be reading about the planets and the moon in our solar system. We will also be learning what scientist learn from space travel.

Have a great weekend!!