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posted Jan 6, 2020, 12:00 PM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s),
    Dear Parents!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a relaxing and blessed New Year!  Can't believe it is now 2020, and that we are now in our third quarter.  A special thanks again to all of our wonderful parents who came up to work our Christmas party.  The children had a wonderful time.  Below are the topics we are covering this week.

Religion 2: The Christmas season and how we celebrate God's Love is the focal point of this weeks lessons.

Religion 3: We are covering the Christmas season and what Ordinary Time is.  By far not ordinary at all.  Most of the wonderful works that Jesus did occurred during Ordinary Time. 

Math: This week we are moving into representing multiplication as repeating addition, learning how to represent multiplication on a number line and using an array.  The children will also begin to make their own flash cards.

Spelling:  The children have had the new words before the Christmas break.  These words are digraphs and blends.  The words are: shook, flash, speech, think, strong, cloth, brook, stitch, string, scratch, fresh, spring, switch, stretch, splash.

English:  We will be having a test over chapter three on Friday.  This week we will be preparing for the test.

Reading:  This week we are starting a new story called Harvest Birds.  This story is a folktale about a man who gets advice from a bird.  The vocabulary words are: serious, patch, borrow, advice, ashamed, borders, separate, harvest. The skills that go along with this story are silent letters kn, wr. We will also be learning more about the use of commas.

Science: We will finally be able to get back to the planets and their moons.  

Have a wonderful week!