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posted Jan 24, 2020, 3:09 PM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s),
    Welcome to Catholic Schools Week!  There are many activities scheduled for this coming week.  I know the newsletter from Mrs. McKay also has all the information you need.  I will highlight the important events that are happening this week. Monday is Parent Appreciation Day.  The children will be something special for you. Tuesday is Student Appreciation Day.  I know a link was sent about skate night for all families that were interested. That day the children will be doing a lot of fun activities.  More importantly, they will not have homework that night.  That day the children is also scheduled to be Wacky Tacky Day.  This means that they can dress crazily ( mismatched socks, shoes, etc..) No hair coloring or open- toed shoes are allowed! Wednesday is Community Appreciation Day.  We will be writing to a person in our community thanking them for what they do for us. Thursday is Sports Day.  The children can dress in their favorite teams shirts etc..  Dr. Gilligan has asked that no hats be worn. They will also be participating in an activity sponsored by our Student Council.  Friday is Spirit Day.  All Saints Academy uniforms whether it be sports gear etc.  The children will watch a spelling bee, a volleyball game against the 8th grade and 7th grade, and a volley ball game against the teachers'/ parents and the 8th grade.  That day is also a half day.  If your child will be attending aftercare they will need to bring a lunch. Below are the following things we will be covering this week:

Spelling:  Due to last weeks weather the children will be having their spelling test on Monday.  The words for this week come from a review unit.  The following words are blush, charm, cage, wren, await, gem, stung, siren, pitch, brace, stack, flood, aside, patch, rage.  The test over these words won't be until Monday, February 3rd. hopefully we can get ourselves back on track.

Math: The children will be working on more multiplication facts.  I'm having them create their own flash cards. Please have them review this nightly.  This week they will get a glimpse of division by sharing.  They will also see how to do division by repeated subtraction.

English:  We will be learning what an adverb is this week.  They will answer the question of how, when and where. 

Reading:  The children did a wonderful job on their puppet shows.  They were able to depict different folktales to our younger children. This week we will be returning back to our readers and review the story Harvest Birds.  Those vocabulary words again were serious, patch, borrow, advice, ashamed, borders, separate, and harvest.  This week we will be covering commas in an address and reviewing the silent letters wr, and kn.

Religion 3:  We will begin this week with a prayer service to kick off our Catholic Week's activities.  Dr. Gilligan will be visiting the children on Tuesday.  He loves to come to each classroom and teach a lesson.  We will be starting our 11th chapter The Parish is our Home. In this chapter we will learn what a parish is, who a pastor and deacon is, and what makes them different. 

Religion 2 We are beginning our 3rd chapter We Celebrate God's Love.  We will be talking about what is a parish. Who are Catholics? What does the word faith and worship mean.

Science:  We are moving into Work and Machines.  They will learn what the differences are between a simple and a complex machine.  Some important words in this chapter are force, gravity, friction, and work.I will have them create something that has a fulcrum to raise a load later in this chapter.

Have a great weekend!!