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posted Jan 31, 2020, 1:08 PM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s),
   Such an exciting week we just had!!!  The children seemed to enjoy all the special days that were planned for Catholic Schools Week!!! Next week we will be back to a normal week.  Below are the topics we will be covering:

Spelling: The children will be taking their spelling test on Monday.  This weeks words will follow  the aw, o sound.  The words aredraw, cost, dawn, across, belong, cross, soft, crawl, song, boss, straw, lawn, raw, lost, law.

Math: The children will be representing division through subtraction. We will also be reviewing this week, and will be taking our Chapter 4 test on Friday.

Reading: We are finishing up our story Harvest Birds this early part of the week. On Thursday we will be taking our test over the story and the vocabulary words.  I will have them bring their books home with them so they can read the story to you. The phonics section over the story will be on Friday.

English: This week we will be doing more work with adverbs.  Monday they will see that adverbs also tell us when and where. They will also learn when to use the words to, too or two.  We will also be reviewing since we are at the end of the chapter.  The test over Unit 4 will be either next Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week.

Religion 3: This week we will be talking about how our Parish is Our Home and all the people who help to make our parish functioning.

Religion 2: This week we will learning about God's Love for Us! We will be learning about what it means to worship, what faith is. 

Parents  the children will be starting a project for Black History Month with me.  Some of this project will have to be done at home.  Please look for a letter by the middle of this week.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!