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posted Feb 7, 2020, 2:03 PM by Cindy Driskill   [ updated Feb 7, 2020, 2:05 PM ]
Dear Parent(s),
   Such a busy week with so many different things going on.  The children had a wonderful time seeing Owen and Mzee at the Civic Center today.  The children have begun their research on their Famous African American in history.  Remember all final projects are due by February 26.  St. Catherine's Center has already called to have the children give their presentations.  The children will be walking next door on Friday, February 28th from 9:00 to 10:00 to present to our special friends next door. This coming Monday, the children will be heading to St. Ferdinand to be part of our ASA Group Activities. Thank you for getting your permission slips in so quickly! Below are the things that will be covered this coming week. 

Religion 2: This week will be covering the seven sacraments.  Those students who will be receiving First Communion, a letter went home in your child's Friday Folder. 

Religion 3: This week we will be learning how our church cares for others.  February 19th will be our classes turn for mass.  If your child will be reading at that mass they will receive a copy of the reading this coming week.  As of course I will make sure they are ready to read at mass that day.

Math:  We are working on our review section for chapter 4.  The children were asked to bring their books home as well to review the types of problems that will be covered on the test.

English:  As things have a tendency to fall, the children will also be having a English test this coming week. That test will cover Adjectives and Adverbs.  We will be reviewing this week and the test will be on Thursday.

Reading : We are starting a new story called, Kamishibai Man. This a true story about an older man and his wanting to keep alive the art of story telling. The vocabulary words for this story are: familiar, blurry, vacant, jerky, applause, blasted, rude, rickety. The skills in this story are the vowel diphthong ow, and ou.

Spelling: This weeks words follow the r- controlled vowel. The words are: story, wore, north, board, form, corner, warm, score, morning, forget, before, storm, tore, order, war.

The children will also be given an opportunity to work on their projects in class. Again if you need to see an example of some former students work, please feel free to stop by the class and see an example.

This Friday the children will be having their Valentine's Party.  If they choose to bring in valentine' s all they need to do is sign their names on the back of them.  I told them it was not mandatory; however, if they bring them in they will need to have one for every child.  Thank you again to all of our wonderful parents who have stepped up to the plate to host another party for our kiddos.

Have a great weekend!!!